Supreme Court


Who Is Alliance Defending Freedom?

Fighting for religious freedom, Alliance Defending Freedom has won eight Supreme Court cases in the past seven years. But some call it an "anti-gay" hate group.

Supreme Court Allows Ohio to Purge Inactive Voters

In a 5-4 decision written by Justice Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that Ohio and other states are allowed to purge voters who are inactive or do not respond to requests to confirm their residency from their rolls. 

These Are the Supreme Court Cases to Watch

The justices will hear arguments in several important cases, including challenges to the constitutionality of administrative law judges, state sales taxes for out-of-state online retailers, and the infamous Trump “travel ban,” making this month one to watch.
Gay marriage

Does a State Have a Right to Abolish Marriage?

Alabama and some other states are seriously considering proposals that would avoid the obligation to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples by eliminating any requirement that couples obtain marriage licenses from the state.