Supreme Court

Democrats' Election Advice to Candidates: Make It All About Health Care

A two-page messaging strategy memo sent to House Democrats and candidates across the country further represented the belief among party leaders that the vacant Supreme Court seat Republicans are so quickly trying to fill could be a winning issue for Democrats at the ballot box.

Democrats Cross the Line on Judges

The Democrats, whose frustration is causing them to lash out, are promising to leave no stone unturned in their attempt to upend Trump's coming nomination.

How the Election Will Be Won

The 2020 election is all about what kind of country America wants to be. And President Trump should prevail.

Israel's Cautionary Tale for Risk-Averse Republicans

Republicans should understand that no matter how ugly the fight over whether to confirm a new justice to the Supreme Court before November 3 becomes, it will be a walk in the park compared to the war for the survival of democracy in which Israelis are now engaged.

Some Senate Democrats Consider Boycotting SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

Senate Judiciary Committee members Chris Coons and Mazie Hirono told Newsweek they're uncertain if they'll participate in the forthcoming hearing, signaling they may snub the process in an apparent rebuke to Republicans filling the vacancy before Election Day.

The Case for Amy Coney Barrett

It's obvious that Judge Barrett needs no special preferences. On character, temperament and intellect she is the top of the top—of any group.

President Trump Makes History Again

In President Trump's first term, the White House has moved the federal judiciary away from three generations of liberal bias toward a constitutionally focused, strict-construction consensus.

If Joe Biden Wins, Will the Democrats Pack the Supreme Court?

It's a question that Democrats and Joe Biden really don't want to answer. Most Senate Democrats pivot to discuss their focus on winning the majority and protecting Americans' health care, which they warn could be at risk.

Senate Republicans, Do what Voters Elected You to Do

They had an obligation to their constituents in 2016 to stop Obama's nominee and they have an obligation to their constituents today to put through President Trump's. No qualifier needed. No phony, pretentious excuses.