Nipsey Hussle Shooting: Eric Holder Named as Suspect

The Los Angeles Police Department said Eric Holder walked up to Nipsey Hussle and two other men and fired a barrage of shots as they stood outside Hussle's Marathon Clothing Company store.

Police Wrongfully Detain Black Teen Shoveling Driveways

A black teenager in Papillion, Nebraska, was detained in a police cruiser by authorities as he walked house-to-house volunteering to shovel snow off driveways in what authorities are calling a case of "wrong place, wrong time."

Bomb Threat Suspect Arrested in Florida

Explosive devices were sent to a number of high-profile Democratic politicians this week, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Aberdeen Shooting Suspect Identified

The 26-year-old woman was a temporary employee at the Rite Aid distribution center where the shooting took place.