God Wants Us to Protect Life—Not Our Rituals

Against all medical advice, some people have been sneaking group prayers—putting ceremonies ahead of saving lives. As a rabbi, I would have trouble honoring such individuals at our synagogue when this is over.

Mosque, Synagogue and Church Being Built Together in Abu Dhabi

Plans have been unveiled for the Abrahamic Family House, a sprawling interfaith complex in the United Arab Emirates' capital city. "There has never been a building that has the three faiths in one form," said architect David Adjaye.

Fox News Cuts Off Guest Tying Anti-Semitism to Trump

Fox News abruptly cut off a guest and went to commercial as he suggested Saturday's San Diego-area synagogue shooting and a rise in U.S. anti-Semitism was tied to Trump's election and the president's failure to condemn the 2017 Charlottesville rallies.

Drudge Blasts Fox News Hosts: 'Is It Really Funny?'

Matt Drudge took to Twitter Monday to ridicule an "Outnumbered" segment in which the hosts "laughed and joked" about the political impact of Cesar Sayoc's mail bombs and Robert Bowers's anti-Semitic Pittsburgh shooting.