Take a Knee

Antifa Group Will Take a Knee Against Trump in Atlanta

The group is resurrected some of the language they used in hyping up the protests on November 4th, 2017, when several thousand people marched against Trump in cities across the country.

John McCain, Veteran and POW, Defends Right to Kneel

Senator John McCain, a famed veteran and prisoner of war in Vietnam, defended the right of athletes to take a knee in protest, opposing President Donald Trump, who suggested a "rule that you can't kneel" during the national anthem on Tuesday.

Meghan Linsey National Anthem Protest Sparks Backlash

While some applauded Linsey, a former finalist on "The Voice" in Season 8, for showing solidarity with protesters for social equality, many in the country music singer's fan base were not pleased.

WWII Vet and Others Take a Knee to Support NFL Players

President Donald Trump said he was respecting the flag and American veterans when he decried NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem to protest, but more and more veterans are telling the president he's wrong.