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AOC Explains Tax Plan: 'Isn't $10 Million Enough?'

"At what point is it immoral that we're building Jeff Bezos a helipad when we have the most amount of homeless people in New York City?" Ocasio-Cortez said during an appearance on Showtime's new late-night series 'Desus and Mero.'

Trump Nixes Pay Increase for Federal Employees

Democratic opponents swiftly cried foul, alleging hypocrisy for eliminating the pay increases that would cost a fraction of the expense of the president's new tax plan.

Republican Tax Bill Is Good For Students—If They Die

The Republican tax plan will likely hit college students with new and significant financial burdens, but two key demographics will benefit from the new bill—the dead and severely disabled.

GOP Tax Bill Will Hurt U.S. Military Say Top Generals

America's fiscal strength is inextricably linked to its military power, and the Senate tax bill, which passed at two in the morning on Saturday, will diminish the United States' fiscal stability by adding between $1 trillion and $1.4 trillion to the Federal debt over the next decade, according to the non-partisan Coalition for Fiscal and National Security.