Cherokee Cave Inscriptions Tell of Sacred Ceremony

The inscriptions suggest the cave was a place for reflection and ceremony "during perhaps the most stressful time in Cherokee history, when the people were forcibly and finally removed forever from their beloved homelands," scientists said.

ICE Agents Sued Over Tennessee Raid

"I offered to show them my documentation to work in this country, but they handcuffed me anyway, detained me, and took me to the armory," one person said.

Fiend Who Doused Kerosene On Nurse Still On Loose: cops

When the nurse returned to her car she told police a white man, wearing a white hoodie or jacket and black pants allegedly "made a derogatory remark to her" and then "poured a small amount of kerosene on her," before fleeing.

Blunt-smoking Man Kills Woman While Racking Gun: Cops

She lifted the pistol from the table just as Prestige Brown, 19, pulled rank and allegedly "grabbed the gun" away from her and attempted to rack it "to take the round out of the head," Memphis authorities said.