Theresa May

Is London Safe? Homicide Rate Surges to Decade High

Although the number of homicides this year may be high for London, which has a population of more than 8 million, it the homicide rate is still significantly lower than in many major U.S. cities.

Brexit: U.K. Lurches Toward a No-Deal Nightmare

A Brexit that occurs before the United Kingdom has reached an agreement with the European Union could leave the island nation alone, under a blockade of its own making.

Trump Berates Theresa May in Phone Call

The so-called "special relationship" is increasingly under strain, as Trump reportedly turned May's congratulatory call after the midterm elections into a lecture on his foreign policy concerns.

The Brexit Coin: A New 50 Pence Coin for EU Exit

One Liberal Democratic politician tweeted that the new coin would be "nothing more than a sad and permanent reminder of the long lasting damage Brexit will do to our economy."

EU Migrant Workers Contribute More to U.K. Vs. Citizens

"When it comes to the public finances, European migrants contribute substantially more than they cost, easing the tax burden on other taxpayers," said Ian Mulheirn, director of consulting at Oxford Economics.

U.S. Threatens U.K. With 'Consequences' Over Iran Trade

United States Ambassador Robert "Woody" Johnson called on British leaders to join the U.S. in "turning up the pressure" on Iran, or face "serious consequences." Washington recently reimposed sanctions on Iran despite opposition from allies.

UK and France Need Each Other to Confront China

William Hague, who served as foreign secretary from 2010 to 2014 under the previous government of Prime Minister David Cameron, has warned against tensions amid Brexit negotiations.