Title IX

Crossing the Line: Consent on Campus

"We have made consent out to be something straightforward, as straightforward as the single word no, but we are lying to ourselves and one another about this."

Q&A with Author Donna Freitas

"Schools are taking better measures to protect confidentiality and make the experience less intimidating. But it's difficult to understand exactly how hard it is to come forward unless you've been through it."

Texas A&M Swimmer Accused of Rape Sues School for Bias

A Texas A&M senior who was accused of sexual assault and was suspended in 2016 filed a Title IX lawsuit against the university in Houston federal court for "illegal bias against male students."

Court Supports Transgender Teen in Bathroom Case

The Seventh Court found Tuesday that the school district was likely violating Ash Whitaker's rights as guaranteed through Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Constitution.

The Other Side of the College Sexual Assault Crisis

Allegations of sexual assault on campus are at record levels, as are lawsuits from the accused, including Paul Nungesser, claiming schools discriminated against them based on gender.