'Zaya' Trends After Wade and Union Introduce Trans Daughter to the World

Former basketball player Dwyane Wade and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, introduced their trans daughter, Zaya, to the world Tuesday. much to the delight of supportive social media users. "It's OK to listen to, love & respect your children exactly as they are," Union tweeted.

J.K. Rowling Slammed as a 'TERF' for Supporting Researcher

"I'm not usually one to rely on your books for political analogy, because they're for children, obviously, but I think it's appropriate to make an exception in this case: You've just joined the Death Eaters," comedian Avery Edison quipped in response to Rowling's tweet.

Lawmaker Proposes Making It Illegal to Medically Change a Child's Gender

Georgia State Rep Ginny Ehrhart announced her sponsorship of the "Vulnerable Child Protection Act" on Wednesday. The bill would make it illegal to "radically change" the gender of a child through surgery or drugs. But critics say that such surgeries aren't happening in Georgia—let alone America.

YouTube Star Provokes Angry Reactions After 'Transgender' Claim

YouTube personality Trisha Paytas claims to be transgender while maintaining that she identifies strongly with her birth gender, and many are reacting negatively. This is another in what seems to be a long sequence of controversial videos and claims from Paytas.