Transgender Student's Senior Photos Allowed In Yearbook

A transgender Louisiana high school student who claimed her yearbook photos were pulled and she was barred from graduation for appearing "too feminine" was granted permission by the school district to have the pictures published.

Mama Ru Will See You Now

A star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame "is more important than the Emmys, honestly. I get choked up thinking about it."

Court Drops Suit for Transgender Man to Change Name

An Indiana transgender man with Mexican citizenship—who challenged a federal appeals court—will not be able to forge ahead with his suit and legally change his name, because he is not a U.S. citizen.

Transgender Principal Set to Return to School

Superintendent Pamela R. H. Angelakis told parents Daniels had decided to take the leave of absence after reportedly receiving messages she considered to be hurtful.

Why Mattis Would Tell Trump He Supports Trans Soldiers

Secretary of Defense James Mattis sent his recommendation to the White House on Friday on whether trans service members should be allowed to serve. Mattis's predecessor argued he needed trans service members because of the Pentagon's desperate need for talent.