Chinese Hotel Holding Quarantined Coronavirus Patients Collapses

About 10 people have died and 23 remain trapped, Reuters reported, after an 80-room hotel in southeastern China that was being used to observe coronavirus patients or those recently in contact with the COVID-19 illness collapsed Saturday.

Student Banned From Wearing MAGA Hat Speaks Out

"I felt like someone needed to take a stand, somebody needed to stand up not just for Clovis North, not just for Clovis Unified, but nationwide for the conservative and Christianity monitoring that's going on, on campuses."

Thai Soccer Team Trapped 10 Days, Divers Within Mile

Navy "Seal" divers are within the final 600 yards of where officials believe the trapped Thai soccer team took refuge in the Tham Luang cave that flooded after heavy rains and prevented the 12 boys and coach from leaving the caves outside Pattaya Beach.