Unique Holiday Foods From Around the World

From Tang Yuan, sweet rice balls with a black sesame filling, a dish to celebrate the Chinese New Year, to Laufabrauð, a traditional Icelandic bread that looks like a paper snowflake, here are some of the different dishes people around the world eat during the holidays.

'I Sell Private Islands to The Rich and Famous'

I had one guy who was a billionaire from the U.K. He was interested in buying one of the islands I own in Belize last year. He flew in on a private jet but it was very important to him to travel anonymously.
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'Earth at Night in Color' Reveals the Nocturnal Lives of Animals

Until now cameras only allowed a glimpse into the secret nocturnal life of animals, but with next-generation cameras, this new Apple TV+ docuseries, for which Newsweek had a first look video, reveals wildlife at night clear as day for the first time ever.
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7 Tips for a Safe Flight During COVID-19

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