Choose Electric: Ewan McGregor Rides Into the Future in 'Long Way Up'

Newsweek talks to Ewan McGregor and best friend Charley Boorman about their new epic motorcycle series 'Long Way Up' which reunites them on a 13,000-mile journey from the southernmost tip of South America to L.A. But this time they have to plug in as they go—they're riding electric Harleys.

Mouthwatering Street Foods Around the World

From the more recognizable (like elotes, Mexican street corn) to the less well-known (Socca, a French cross between flatbread and pancake), these tidbits available from food trucks and carts will enliven your sense of adventure.

70 Days from India to London? This Ultimate Road Trip Snakes 12,000 Miles

Within a week of Adventures Overland announcing on its Instagram page that it was launching a bus service from the Indian capital New Delhi to London—a distance of 4,168 miles—the company was inundated with thousands of inquiries about it, despite the $20,185 fare.

Allegiant Air Deplanes Man Who Asked Flight Attendant To Wear Face Mask

The video of the encounter, which was posted to social media, includes annoyed responses from other travelers who want the man to stay on the flight. "Allegiant has their frickin policy," a man's voice says on the video. "You're supposed to be wearing a f****** mask to begin with."

The Best Places to Camp This Summer Around the U.S.

As the summer comes to a close, some might still be looking for a way to take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts. Here is a list of the best places to enjoy the outdoors and camp this summer around the United States.

Natural Swimming Holes Around the World

From a figure-eight shaped pool accessible only after a strenuous hike in Australia to a 90-foot-deep trench formed in the rock of lava fields in Samoa, here are some natural watering holes in all corners of the world to explore on your next adventure.

Outdoor Movies Around the World with Cinematic Views

Watch a film at a "floating cinema" on your own private mini-boat, by an English medieval castle or against the backdrop of the illuminated ancient Acropolis. You'll feel like you're in a scene from the movies—while watching one.

Nat Geo's 'The Last Ice' Doc: What's Really at Stake With Global Warming

The total disappearance of the Arctic summer sea ice is forecast for as early as 2040. Newsweek takes an exclusive look at the new National Geographic doc that shows the Indigenous life that's also melting away in the Arctic, and how this pandemic is the loudest wake-up call we have for humanity.

How Safe Is the New York City Subway Right Now?

For months ridership on the MTA system reached record lows, but now as New York City continues to open up, more people might be considering heading underground for their commute.