How Much Snow will New York, Philadelphia, Boston Get?

The storm system is expected to stretch 1000 miles from northern Georgia all the way up to New England, and could result in freezing rain, strong winds and hazardous travel conditions particularly along the I-95 corridor.

Kosher Sake Pours Into Japan

The "Schindler of Japan" has made Gifu prefecture a popular Jewish pilgrimage site. And the region is catering to its visitors with potables that adhere to religious regulations.

Is Car Glamping the More Accessible Alternative to Van Life?

Sleeping in your car is no longer an act of desperation with the advent of "car glamping." Somewhere in between camping and van life, this is a more cost-effective and convenient way to enjoy the open road without skimping on comfort.
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Where to Find Affordable Airport Parking

Airport parking can help take away some of the burdens of air travel so you can travel with ease. Here's how.

Unique Holiday Foods From Around the World

From Tang Yuan, sweet rice balls with a black sesame filling, a dish to celebrate the Chinese New Year, to Laufabrauð, a traditional Icelandic bread that looks like a paper snowflake, here are some of the different dishes people around the world eat during the holidays.