Airport Restaurants Worthy of a Layover

We're living in a golden age of airport dining. Maybe someday travelers in economy class will be so lucky to eat better food on flights. Until that happens, you can have an epicurean feast at the airport before your flight and smugly pass on the chicken or pasta option on board the plane.

Moments That Defined Travel in the Past Decade

From natural disasters to plane crashes to the unfortunate deaths of famous travelers, the past decade of travel has not always been about progress. But there were still some positive things—namely, technological improvements.

Global Wellness Rituals to Try This Year

Every country has its own traditions and take on self-care. In Finland, it involves steamy saunas and icy dips; in Tibet, sound vibrations are believed to heal and harmonize the body; and in the United States, floating in darkened soundproof pods to chill out is enjoying a renaissance.

The World's Most Spectacular Hotels

We look at some of our favorite picks that made the cut in the latest lis by the magazine, including celebrity hideouts in New York City and Los Angeles and desert escapes in Namibia and Chile.

Food Worth Getting on a Plane For

We're talking about dishes that are best in their own environment, that don't travel so well. You have to go to it, rather than it coming to you. A meal that requires booking a flight first. Here is our highly subjective list of dishes that are worth traveling for around the world.

In Cognac, Robots Run the Vines

Vineyard technology is extending from robots to the creation of a new type of disease-resistant grape that may be the solution for the wine region's future production.

Unusual Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas isn't just an odd holiday in North America. All over the world, people celebrate in wacky ways on December 25, such as rollerblading to church in Venezuela and making a reservation at KFC for Christmas Eve dinner in Japan.