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A Traveler's Secrets to Looking Polished on the Go

Don't let hours of transit leave you looking tired and unkempt. Find out how to stay presentable even after making the trip to the other side of the world.

World's Most Isolated Places

From islands that are a week's journey from the closest landmass to a small village in Arizona that still uses a mule to deliver the mail, take a page from some of the most isolated places around the world.

A Look at Cultural Masks Around the World

Now that we are all tasked with wearing masks for protection during the coronavirus pandemic, Newsweek is taking a look at the types of masks that were used long before they became a part of the world's daily wardrobe.

How Coronavirus Has Impacted Travelers of Color

People of color make up a significant amount of the travel industry's annual revenue. Newsweek talks to POC travel journalists, specialists, business owners and influencers to better understand the state of travel during the pandemic from their perspective.

Cultural Adaptations in the Time of Corona

From bringing back a tradition of "paying it forward" in Italy to a 1950s American throwback to drive-in movies, here is how people around the globe have looked to the past—and to the future—for ideas to get through the current crisis with aplomb.