Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah Compares the Return of Coronavirus to a 'Zombie'

"You made the classic zombie-movie mistake. When you are in the house, and someone knocks on the door, you don't let that person in. It's going to be a zombie – or a Jehovah's Witness," Noah said during Wednesday's episode of "The Daily Show."

Bernie Sanders Tells Seth Meyers 'We Need Another Stimulus Paackage'

"What we're not talking about right now, Seth, is that if you're making 14 bucks an hour, 12 bucks an hour and that check stops coming in, which is the case, how are you going to feed your family? How are you going to pay the rent?" Bernie Sanders said during a Monday appearance.

Trevor Noah: Assange Arrest Sets Worrying Precedent

"In just a few years he went from Bond villain to crowd-surfing hobbit. But the important part of the story isn't how he was arrested. It's why he was arrested," said TV host Trevor Noah.