Trump administration

How Should President Trump Exercise His Pardon Power?

When President Trump reviews the applications for executive clemency currently before him, he will be performing a critical constitutional duty: "To take care that the laws be faithfully executed."

Beat Our Civil Rights Record

It is politically easy for an incoming Democratic team to reject their predecessors' work. What would be remarkable, however, is if they can achieve new victories while also building upon the advances of those who came before.

A Call for Late Justice for Col. Larry Franklin

The problem with Col. Franklin's plight isn't simply that he is a long-suffering innocent patriot. It's that Col. Franklin was targeted and prosecuted, and his life was destroyed, to advance an anti-Semitic political agenda.

Trump's National Security Adviser Says NSC Will Support Biden Transition

Robert O'Brien, a Trump loyalist, said that it "obviously" looks like "the Biden-Harris ticket [will be] determined to be the winner" and that the National Security Council will support a smooth transition like it has "even in the most contentious periods" in history.

Huawei Plays Matador to Trump's Bull

If the United States wants to stay ahead of China, it has to restore funding for basic R&D and create incentives for businesses to return to capital-intensive manufacturing investment.