Trump impeachment

Lindsey Graham Compares Trump Presidency to Christmas

Senator Lindsey Graham told Politico that every day of the Trump administration has been like Christmas. "You don't know what's under the tree. It can be that shotgun you've been hoping to get, or it can be a sweater you don't want," he said.

Governor Matt Bevin Calling Trump Impeachment Inquiry a 'Sham'

In the clip, Bevin tells an NBC reporter, "The fact that you ask why this is being nationalized and why people are talking about President Trump would indicate to me that you really have sort of maybe come out from under a rock, because here in America, that's pretty topical every night."

Supreme Court Lawyer Says Trump Will Be Impeached

Former Acting Solicitor General of the United States Neal Katyal told a panel at the 2019 Web Summit on Tuesday that he does not believe Trump will get re-elected. According to Katyal, the president won't even be in the running.

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Trump Ukraine Call is Proof of 'Cover Up'

Former Federal Prosecutor Joyce Vance called the transcript of Trump's Ukraine call a "cover up" that "shows consciousness of guilt." She also tore into Republicans that have defended Trump and wrote, "It's impossible for the GOP to defend Trump past this point."

Bill Clinton's Lawyer Says Trump Impeachment Should Focus on Ukraine

In the interview, Greg Craig told the hosts, "I think it is clearly becoming the focus of this Ukraine conversation, the use of the presidential power in ways that are unacceptable and inappropriate and unconstitutional and inconsistent with his oath."

What is Hunter Biden's Net Worth?

The total amount is not clear, but with reported investments and salaries, the former vice president's son could be worth millions.