Tucker Carlson

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Demands Trump Pardon Roger Stone

Fox News host Tucker Carlson insisted that President Donald Trump must pardon his former adviser Roger Stone, warning that "the Russia lie" will be validated if the convicted felon serves a single day behind bars.

Tucker Carlson Says 'Snake' John Bolton Deserved Being Humiliated by Trump

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that former National Security Advisor John Bolton deserved "humiliation" and was bitter over President Donald Trump blocking his attempts at launching a military conflict with Iran, after reports emerged that Bolton's upcoming book confirms a key impeachment claim.

Tucker Carlson Rips Warren Over Sanders Sexism Feud

Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that the political fortunes of Sen. Elizabeth Warren had changed faster than her ethnic identity, while blasting her for allegedly accusing Sen. Bernie Sanders of sexism.

Writer Claims Fox News Host Altered Her Twitter Handle for Segment

"Although I thought it was extremely inappropriate for a Supreme Court justice to appear in that capacity on Fox News the day before Trump's impending impeachment, I thought it was even more inappropriate for Tucker Carlson to modify the content of my tweet to reflect a fake blue check mark that I don't have," Amee Vanderpool told Newsweek.

Fox News' Carlson Says Stanford Law Professor Karlan 'Needs a Shrink'

After Stanford law professor Pamela S. Karlan spoke in less than flattering terms about the conduct of President Donald Trump in Wednesday's House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings, Fox News' Tucker Carlson exploded in a rant branding her a "moron" who "needs a shrink."