U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ICE Slammed for Saying They Are Preventing Another 9/11

"Abhorrent that you use a day of remembrance for the victims and heroes to shamelessly plug and justify your attacks on communities of color," the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services said.

Asylum Seekers Sue Trump Admin For 'Categorically Denying Release'

"They followed the legal checklist by first presenting themselves at a point of entry, and this is how America is paying them back–with cruelty and disrespect for the law," said Southern Poverty Law Center Senior Supervising Attorney Luz Virginia Lopez.

How 'Know Your Rights' Training Can Stop an ICE Arrest

Knowing their rights "could be the difference between a community member being detained or deported or going home to their family," Bryan MacCormack, the executive director of the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, said.

ICE Detaining 'Alarming' Number of Infants, Groups Say

"ICE is required to meet basic standards of care for minor noncitizens in its custody," a letter from three major immigration advocacy groups states. "It repeatedly has demonstrated an inability to do so."