U.S. Supreme Court

Court-Packing Is Unconstitutional

The last time Democrats tried to pack the Court for political reasons, it was widely rejected as at odds with the Constitution.

Why the Supreme Court has Nine Justices

The possibility of increasing the number of justices to artificially give one president, and one party, greater influence over the Court came to be recognized as the ultimate violation of constitutional norms.

Ending Obamacare Won't Eliminate Insurance

The right decision on the Affordable Care Act will help Americans fix what's broken in our health care system and lead to enacting real reforms that put patients in charge of their own health.

Biden's 'Unconstitutional' Game

Biden's insinuation that Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation would somehow be "unconstitutional" invites a whole slew of unanswered questions.

We Need Supreme Court Justices with Chutzpah

It's more important than ever to find genuine constitutionalists—originalists—to sit on the Supreme Court. And it's more difficult than ever to actually uphold the Constitution from the bench.

Supreme Court Upholds Restriction on Mail-in Votes

The South Carolina decision will almost certainly encourage more judicial intervention into the 2020 presidential election, especially if mail-in ballots determine the outcome in battleground states.