U.S. troops

Gabon Foils Coup Attempt

The White House ordered 80 combat-equipped troops to Gabon over concerns related to violence in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

General: Trump put U.S. Troops in Very Bad Position

"What [presidents] don't do is politicize the event, and unfortunately, as we saw some of the commentary by the president today, that's exactly what he did," retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling told CNN.

It's More Difficult To Send Christmas Trees To Troops

"Refusing to deliver donated Christmas trees to soldiers serving abroad is straight out of the Grinch's playbook and flies in the face of Christmas spirit," New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said in a press release.

Trump Weighing Troop Deployment for ISIS Fight

Proponents of the option said it would provide U.S. commanders on the ground greater flexibility to quickly respond to unforeseen opportunities and challenges on the battlefield.

U.S. General Calls For More Troops in Afghanistan

Trump has offered little clarity about whether he might approve more forces for Afghanistan, where some 8,400 U.S. troops remain more than 15 years after the Islamist Taliban government was toppled by U.S.-backed Afghan forces.