When Young Girls Are Forced to Go to War

The first time Martha was forced to kill, she was just 10 years old. The long steel machete in her hands dwarfed her slight 4-foot frame as she was ordered to decapitate a villager.

Suspects Arrested in Kidnapping of U.S. Tourist

Kimberly Sue Endicott and her safari guide, Paul Mirenge-Remezo, were taken at gunpoint from their vehicle in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda last Tuesday.

American Tourist Kidnapped at Gunpoint in Uganda

Police are hunting for four men in connection with the incident. Officials said they had closed all exits between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which borders the park.

Energy Drink with Viagra Banned In Zambia

Vikas Kapoor, the general manager of the drink's manufacturer Revin Zambia, previously said the drink didn't contain any drugs as far as he knew.

'Power' Drink With Viagra Gave Man Six-Hour Erection

After downing a bottle of SX Energy Natural Power Drink a Uganda man claimed he suffered a bout of sweats, heartbeat abnormalities… and a six-hour erection due to the drink containing a key ingredient used to manufacture Viagra.