Red Tape Prevents Some Families With Food Insecurity From Getting Help

Food insecurity means "access to adequate food for active, healthy living is limited by lack of money and other resources." In cases of very low food security, at least one member of the household changes their eating habits to make more food available for others.

Trump Trade War to Cost U.S. Farm Exports $1.9 Billion

"The share of total U.S. agricultural exports to China in value terms is projected to be 6 percent, down sharply, with China falling from the top market in 2017 to fifth place," USDA Chief Economist Robert Johansson said.

Trump Admin Uses USDA to Limit Food Stamp Benefits

The Department of Agriculture proposed a rule Thursday that would make it more difficult for states to waive work requirements already in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Trump Administration Withdraws Animal Welfare Rule

The administration withdrew a rule that would require poultry to be housed in spaces large enough to move freely, fully stretch their wings and have some access to outdoor space.