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Is Intermittent Fasting A Sustainable Lifestyle Choice?

The best way to go is to always listen to your body. The reason fad diets like juice cleansing, water-only diets, and intermittent fasting don't work long-term is mainly because your body wasn't built for that kind of change long-term. If you've been eye-ing giving intermittent fasting a try, here are 5 things you should consider before you do.

Plant-Based Vegan Nutrition Is the Future, but Is It for You?

The vegan way of living is fast becoming the lifestyle choice for many people, young and old, amidst growing concern about animal cruelty and health concerns. But many are reluctant to adopt a vegan lifestyle for several reasons.
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Your Burning Questions About Veganism

From "Where do you get your protein to maintain that figure?" to "Isn't vegan food expensive?" and the all-time favorite: "If you love animals so much, why are you eating their food?". We asked your burning questions so you won't have to!
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Cut Meat Consumption The Easy Way And Be A Weekday Vegetarian

When your good intentions and ideals conflict with your taste buds, you have to find an effective compromise. A plant-based diet for 5 days a week can do miracles for your body!
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Must-Try Instant Pot Vegan Recipes

Here are some life-changing instant pot vegan recipes you would want to try out.