German Tourists Instructed To Leave Venice Over Cups of Coffee

"Venice must be treated with respect and impolite people who come here and think they can do what they want must understand that, thanks to the local police, they can be stopped, fined and sent away," Venice mayor Luigi Brugnaro said in a statement.

Venice Flooding in Pictures

Venice has been inundated by an exceptionally high tide, leaving up to 75 percent of the city underwater.

Elite Venice Marathon Runners Make Wrong Turn, Lose

A Venetian won his city's picturesque marathon for the first time in two decades after a pack of elite runners took a wrong turn and veered off course for two crucial minutes on Sunday.

The Merchants Are Killing Venice

Rising prices and cruise ships are driving romance—and full-time residents—out of Italy's famed floating city.

This Week in Weird Weather

Volcanic eruptions, flooding, snowstorms - this week's weather craziness even brought us a new island.