Razr Trends After Motorola Announces Flip Phone Reboot in 2020

On Wednesday, wireless carrier Verizon announced the new Razr would be available for pre-order starting December 26 before hitting store shelves on January 9. The revamped phone—which originally launched in 2004—was priced at $1500.

Half of CFOs Predict Recession by End of Next Year

An overwhelming majority of U.S. chief financial officers say the economy will sink into a recession by the end of Trump's first term in 2020, and about half say it will happen next year.

Video: Racist Verizon Customer Rants Against Manager

A Verizon customer in San Francisco went on a racist rant, chanting the n-word and telling the store's manager he was "disrespectful to the entire black race" over a failed phone purchase.