Trump Still Has Support in This NYC Neighborhood

In a clip from 'Viceland,' a reporter had conversations with Trump supporters in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and tried to learn more about their perspectives on the Trump impeachment inquiry and the 2020 election.

He used to Rob Banks. Now He's an Ayahuasca Shaman

Steve Hupp was a career criminal whose life was changed when a robbery went wrong and he found himself sharing a prison cell with a Peruvian shaman. Now, Hupp and his family have opened an Ayahuasca church deep in the Bible Belt of Kentucky.

New Details In Kenneka Jenkins Case

There were also multiple gang members from both the Vice Lords and other Chicago gangs at the party, according to interviews conducted during the investigation.

Mike Pence Is Suddenly Popular

Vice President Mike Pence has seen his favorability among voters rise, while his boss remains far from beloved.