Video Game Review

'Dead or Alive 6' Review

The franchise's notorious hypersexual elements are much more subdued this time around.

Gameplay in 'DMC 5' is Great

The action in "Devil May Cry 5" is a chaotic ballet of bullets and demon blood that doesn't get old.

'God Eater 3' Review

Slaying beasts is satisfying with your blade/gun/shield weapon.

'Resident Evil 2' Remake Review

The 'Resident Evil 2' remake has terrifying zombies and great graphics, but it's hard to forget while playing that it's a 20 year old game.

'Overwatch' Nerf Rivals Review

The "Overwatch" Nerf Rival blasters have been released, with weapons based off of McCree, Reaper and D.Va.

'Battlefield V' Review

"Battlefield V" has a great classic foundation, but will it get the content it needs? Read our review here.

'Persona 3 & 5' Rhythm Game Duo Review

Customizable difficulty and a generous learning curve makes these rhythm games accessible and fun, but hardcore series fans expecting a robust story may be left wanting.

PlayStation Classic Review

The retro-cute looks of the PlayStation Classic mini console aren't enough to overcome its lackluster library.

'Hitman 2' Review

"Hitman 2" builds upon the 2016 reboot to deliver more sleek stealth action.

'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Review

"Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" offers great innovation in Blackout and Zombies, and its multiplayer is as fine as ever. Read our review.