State of Emergency Declared for Charlottesville

Governor Ralph Northam said he ordered a state of emergency to "prepare and coordinate our response to ensure the protection of residents' lives, property, and constitutional rights."

Feds Bring Down Interstate Prostitution Ring

Susan Bashir, 41, of Stone Mountain, Georgia, pleaded guilty last week at Boston's federal court to interstate prostitution and money laundering conspiracy charges as part of a "long-running prostitution ring" with four other suspects.

GOP Senate Candidate Adviser Said NAACP Worse Than KKK

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart's media and advertising head railed against the NAACP as the "more violent" version of the KKK and demanded black leaders tell NFL players they must stand during the National Anthem.

Restaurant Accused of Mocking Teen

"Took a few friends out to lunch and only had enough to pay for [their] meal with quarters. Though it was enough for the meal and a great tip, I was blasted on FaceBook by the restaurant for paying in quarters."

Girl Protected Friend From Gymnastics Coach

"When the victim turned to her 11-year-old friend for help, her friend did something that no child should ever have to do and stepped into the role of the protector."