Georgia Plan to Close Polling Places Faces Backlash

A Georgia county that is nearly two-thirds black may have almost all of its polling places shut down ahead of a gubernatorial election in which a candidate could become the country's first black female governor.

Can Democrats Drain Trump's Swamp?

On Monday, Democrats rolled out "A Better Deal for Our Democracy," the party's messaging strategy to win big in November's midterm elections.

Most Voters Support the Backlash Against Gun Industry

A new poll shows American voters think the majority of Congress is afraid of the NRA and support companies like Dick's Sporting Goods, which announced it will stop selling assault-style rifles or raise the age restriction to 21.

Trump Is an Embarrassment to Most Americans, Voters Say

A new poll finds most voters are embarrassed by President Donald Trump, think he's a poor moral leader and say he's not a good role model for children, and it also marks seven consecutive months of approval ratings below 40 percent.