Venue Cancels Actor's Hour Event After Weinstein Showdown

"Harvey Weinstein has NEVER BEEN to House of Yes and NEVER will be," the venue wrote in its announcement that it would not be hosting the next Actor's Hour. The venue's team also called on Actor's Hour to apologize.

I'm Harvey Weinstein's Attorney, and I Took This Case to Win

I believe Harvey Weinstein did not commit the crimes with which he's charged. My defense of him begins with a search for the facts. I caution everyone to reserve judgment. Remember that, in this nation, we are all innocent until proven guilty.

The True Story Behind 'The Upside'

'The Upside' is a remake of the 2011 French dramedy 'The Intouchables,' which was itself based on a French aristocrat's memoir.

Megyn Kelly Defends Blackface on Halloween

Megyn Kelly claimed politically correct forces against "offensive" Halloween costumes are "cracking down like never before," with the "Today" show panel blasting an ever-increasing list of inappropriate outfits.

New York Rep. Nadler Compares Weinstein to Kavanaugh

New York Representative Jerrold Nadler, who will likely chair the House Judiciary Committee if Democrats win the House in November, compared the deluge of accusations against Brett Kavanaugh to those directed at Harvey Weinstein.