5 Things to Know About Robert Hyde

Texts between Lev Parnas and Republican congressional candidate Robert Hyde show the men discussed surveilling former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Kushner's WhatsApp Foreign Policy

"Every day that we go on without getting to the bottom of this matter is a day that we are putting hundreds, if not potentially thousands, of Americans at risk," the progressive Democrat from New York warned.

President Trump Approved Use of Force at Border

As 400 military police officers from the U.S. Army redeployed to San Diego, the Trump administration approved the use of U.S. troops at the border for law enforcement tasks, permitting them to employ lethal force.

DHS Spies Are Among the Migrant Caravan

Additionally, around 400 military police officers from the U.S. Army are set to be redeployed to San Diego as a caravan of migrants approaches the southern border.