White House

Trump Hits Back at Suggestion of Possible Fraud: 'Witch Hunt'

President Donald Trump accused New York prosecutors of engaging in an ongoing, politically-motivated campaign against him, after the Manhattan district attorney's office signaled that it has been investigating Trump and his company for possible fraud.

NY, NJ Governors, WH Reject Reports of Friction Over COVID response

At least two Democratic governors are pushing back on reports of friction with the White House at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, as the Trump administration also seeks to quell claims that politics played a role in its COVID-19 response.

White House Commits to Unemployment Extension As Negotiations Stall

As a critical deadline looms, White House officials are stressing that they want to extend enhanced unemployment benefits that went into effect earlier this year in response to the coronavirus pandemic but negotiations with Democratic leaders, so far, have fallen short.

Trump Touts 'Tremendous' Progress on COVID-19 Vaccine, Treatments

Multiple treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 are already approaching their final trial phases after their development has been fast-tracked, President Donald Trump announced during an at-times boisterous speech in North Carolina on Monday.