White House

Trump Extends Offshore Drilling Ban Off Florida Coast

President Donald Trump is extending and expanding an offshore drilling ban that protects Florida's Gulf Coastline—a reversal from his administration's previous support for opening more of the country's coasts to oil and gas production.

Dueling Wilmingtons: Trump, Biden Campaign in Crucial States

In the heated 2020 match-up between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump, Wilmington—-in name at least—became a focal point Wednesday for being a hotbed for political activity, but Biden took a rare trip out into the city that was notable.

White House Covid Task Force Reports Contradict Public Claims by Trump

The documents show that while Trump and Pence publicly tried to quell fears by saying the resurgence of the virus was "overblown" and that it is "going to disappear," top health officials warned "red zone" states about increased spread and advised specific mitigation efforts that often went ignored.

Democrats Point to Hatch Act in Challenging Trump

The Hatch Act—a law that prohibits federal employees from mixing politics with their official duties—may have gotten an inadvertent boost from the Republican National Convention.

With Air Force One Background, Trump Rallies New Hampshire Crowd

A day after giving a campaign speech with the White House as his backdrop, President Donald Trump rallied a crowd of hundreds of supporters in New Hampshire using Air Force One as the latest background courtesy of his official office.

RNC Pays Big for 'Apprentice'-like Production Values at Convention

If the 2020 Republican National Convention has resembed a well-produced TV show, that's because the GOP has spent nearly $3 million on "production consultants," including at least two with ties to The Apprentice - the reality TV show that was hosted by President Donald Trump.

Trump to Hammer Biden in 'Tough Speech' at GOP Convention Closing

President Donald Trump plans to go on the attack against Democratic rival Joe Biden in what the campaign is calling a "tough speech" to close out the GOP convention Thursday evening as thousands of people in the South are dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Laura.

Women Take the Stage at the RNC to Make the Case for Trump

Melania Trump may be the first woman to break through the chatter at the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week, but she won't be the only one. The Trump campaign has chosen several women for prominent roles in making the case for a second term for the president.

Donald Trump Wants Drug Tests Before Joe Biden Debates

President Donald Trump has suggested that he and Democratic rival Joe Biden should both be drug tested before they take the stage to debate in Ohio next month, comparing the debate to a boxing match.