White House

Women Take the Stage at the RNC to Make the Case for Trump

Melania Trump may be the first woman to break through the chatter at the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week, but she won't be the only one. The Trump campaign has chosen several women for prominent roles in making the case for a second term for the president.

Donald Trump Wants Drug Tests Before Joe Biden Debates

President Donald Trump has suggested that he and Democratic rival Joe Biden should both be drug tested before they take the stage to debate in Ohio next month, comparing the debate to a boxing match.

Farmers Praise Ivanka Trump's Food Program Despite Criticism

As the coronavirus pandemic took hold this spring, first daughter and senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump helped spearhead the launch of a new $3 billion program aimed at helping farmers whose livelihoods were at risk with restaurants closed, while also providing fresh food to needy families.

Trump Tells Biden's Hometown Democrat 'Abandoned Pennsylvania'

President Donald Trump warned a cheering crowd of his supporters in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania that Scranton-native Joe Biden would harm the state's economy in a blistering address just hours before Biden was to accept the Democratic nomination for president.

Trump Responds to QAnon Conspiracy: 'I Understand They Like Me Very Much'

President Donald Trump disputed Wednesday a conspiracy theory that's circulated among the fringes of his supporters that he's fighting against "Deep State" forces in the federal government, but Trump stopped short of outright denouncing the QAnon movement that's been linked to violent acts.

Trump's Goodyear Boycott Could Cost Swing State Votes

Trump's attack on Goodyear, which has a significant presence in the Midwest and the South and employs thousands of people, comes during a crucial election cycle where Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia have been labeled toss-ups.