How to Be a Master of Wine While 35,000 Feet up

Our taste buds change when we're flying. So how can you have the optimum wine experience while onboard? We talk to Singapore Airlines' very own airline sommelier, Jeannie Cho Lee, to find out what to sip in the sky.

Before You Rule Out Chardonnay, Try Domaine Laroche Chablis

Since 1850, Domaine Laroche has been upholding the traditions of Chardonnay winemaking that were first established back when the abbots of St Martin de Tours first settled in the French region of Chablis more than 1,000 years ago.

Wine in a Can? Yes You Can!

The lowly aluminum can is getting an upgrade as great winemakers are filling them with delicious wines.

10 Best Wineries in Napa Valley

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Netanyahu Jokes About Investigation With Trump

"I've brought you a case of the finest wine," the Israeli prime minister told Donald Trump, after the president signed an executive order recognizing Israel's claim to the disputed Golan Heights.