Trump To Order DOJ To Investigate Alleged FBI Spying

President Donald Trump demanded a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into allegations that the DOJ or the FBI infiltrated his presidential campaign -- something he suggested was ordered by the Obama administration.

Trump "Wiretap" Claim is False: Department of Justice

In a stunning late night filing, the Department of Justice stated that neither the FBI nor its National Security Division wiretapped Trump Tower, contradicting a bombshell claim Trump made in a series of early morning tweets on March 4.

Congress Seeks Number of Americans Under Surveillance

The request comes as some Republican lawmakers, many of whom have stridently defended U.S. surveillance programs in the past, express sudden interest in considering additional privacy safeguards.

DOJ Gives Documents on Wiretap Claim to Congress

A congressional official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the House Intelligence Committee was examining the documents and might issue a public statement about them.

White House Daily Briefing for March 13

Sean Spicer's press conference came on the day the Department of Justice has been asked to provide documents related to President Trump's wiretapping claim.