World Economic Forum

Business Leaders Slam Trump's 'Very Damaging' Trade War

"The trade war has been very damaging for the U.S. agricultural economy," David MacLennan, chief executive of U.S. food and agricultural giant Cargill, said in Davos Wednesday. "The longer this goes on, the worse it is."

Is America Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

In a new report, The World Economic Forum says the Fourth Industrial Revolution will eventually radically overhaul both governments and businesses everywhere—and some countries are more prepared than others.

Trump Failed to Deliver on Economic Growth Promise

The economy continues to grow at a stable rate, but misses President Trump's 4 percent growth prediction by 1.4 points. For perspective, one percentage point of gross domestic product growth could generate 1 million new jobs.

Davos in the Time of Disorder

This year's World Economic Forum meeting would do well to seek inspiration from individuals rather than institutions.