Tori Spelling Co-Sleeping With 4 of Her 5 Children, Aged 14, 13, 9, 8 and 4

Tori Spelling, 48, did not seem to want to open up about her relationship with her husband Dean McDermott, 54, in a recent interview. However, when she finally did, she also revealed a surprising fact about their home life.

While Spelling said she is not sharing a bed with her husband, her bed is not empty as she is sharing with four of her five children, who are aged 14, 13, 9, 8 and 4, as well as her dogs.

Tori Spelling Co-Sleeping With 4 of Her 5 Children

In a recent interview with Jeff Lewis on SiriusXM, Spelling revealed, after some persuasion, that it was not her husband who was sleeping in her bed, but actually her children and her dogs.

She said: "You know what, right now my kids and dogs sleep in my bed."

When asked whether Dean McDermott, Spelling's husband, was in a guest room, she replied: "He's in a room."

Having seemed nervous about speaking on their relationship, Spelling added: "Since he left—this is not good, you guys—but since he left, he was gone for six months filming in another country, they all stayed with me. So I currently still have four in the bedroom with me who have yet to go back to their rooms."

This is not the first time Spelling has spoken about this practice, as she wrote on her website how she enjoyed "having the kids in our bed to cuddle, and I think the bigger the bed, the better."

This post has since been removed from her site.

Spelling and McDermott married in May 2006, almost a year after they met, and went on to have five children together.

The eldest son Liam was born on March 13, 2007, after which Stella was born on June 9, 2008. McDermott and Spelling had Hattie on October 10, 2011, and Finn on August 30, 2012. Their most recently-born child is son Beau on March 2, 2017. Spelling did not specify which of her children slept in her bed with her.

The couple have dealt with some very public marital issues on their reality TV show, True Tori.

What Is Co-sleeping?

According to, co-sleeping means sleeping in close proximity to your baby, or in Spelling's case, children, which can sometimes be in the same bed but could also be in the same room, also known as room-sharing.

However, bed-sharing is a slightly different thing, and this specifies sharing the same sleeping surface as your child. Bed-sharing means sleeping in the same bed as your baby, or sharing the same sleeping surface.

Co-sleeping means sleeping in close proximity to your baby, sometimes in the same bed and sometimes nearby in the same room (room-sharing).

The American Academy of Pediatrics (A.A.P.) warns against bed-sharing as a practice for young children, instead suggesting babies should be close to the parents' bed but on a separate surface for at least 6 months of their life, or preferably a year.

The academy does not recommend infants sleeping on the same surface as their parents, though this can occur with parents who are feeding children and may fall asleep.

Psychologist Oliver James told The Independent "contact is good," suggesting attachment theory outweighs any danger of sudden infant death syndrome.

He said: "Attachment theory is one of the most researched and supported theories. As far as I know, there is no study comparing bed-sharing versus not, but studies suggest that contact is good. The attachment benefits far outweigh the supposed dangers.

"There is good reason to suppose that letting your child into your bed is good for them, so long as it doesn't wreck your marriage!"

Other Celebrities Who Co-sleep With Their Children

Alicia Silverstone, star of 1995 movie Clueless, not only does it herself, but devoted an entire chapter of her book The Kind Mama to co-sleeping.

In the book, she wrote: "Sharing a bed with Baby means you can tune in better to her needs, which in turn builds security and trust."

As well as Silverstone, The Fifth Element star Milla Jovovich said of the practice on a blog post: "I always thought that the Western way of raising kids was so disconnected.

"Everyone has their cubicle at home, babies go into nurseries, little kids have their own rooms. You are so separated from one another!

"We have been co-sleeping for years with our daughter and I feel that it's helped us so much to stay connected as a family."

Angelina Jolie said in 2010 that son Pax slept with her and then-husband Brad Pitt.

Gwen Stefani also spoke about bed-sharing, telling Today: "I don't want to look back and say, 'Oh my God, I didn't sleep with Zuma that time because I was too tired,' so I'll just snuggle up with him tonight.

"It's probably why I work as I hard as I do—I don't want to look back and see the things I didn't do."

Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling attends the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena on September 20, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Spelling has spoken about sharing a bed with her children in a recent interview. JB Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images