Tornado Sends 94-year-old Wisconsin Man Flying Out of a Second-story Window

A 94-year-old man was thrown out of his window by a tornado in Wisconsin that destroyed his home on Tuesday.

Norm Johnson was sat in the living room of his home in Elk Mound when the tornado tore through the building and tossed him out of his chair, according to a fundraiser page set up by grandchild Jodi Johnson Frans.

The tornado broke bones in both of the elderly man's forearms and led him to lose the small finger on his right hand. The fundraiser says the incident also caused fractures in his back.

Helen Johnson, the 95-year-old wife of Norm, was also hurt in the chaos. She took a bump to the head and also picked up "some scrapes and bruisers," the fundraiser says.

CBS Minnesota reported that the window Norm was thrown out of was on the second story of his home.

Jodi Johnson Frans said in a fundraiser message: "Anyone who knows Grandpa Norm knows he has always prided himself on his independence and ability to take care of his affairs, but with so much to now deal with in the coming days and months a donation of any kind will help to take some of the burden off of him and Helen and allow them to focus on just getting better!"

She also said her grandfather, a former fireman, had a landscaping business and tree farm on the land of their now-destroyed home.

In an update posted today, she said his condition had improved since the tornado struck.

The GoFundMe page for Norm Johnson and his wife Helen had raised $1,180 of its $5,000 target at the time of writing.

CBS Minnesota reported on Wednesday that western Wisconsin was struck by a tornado, with Elk Mound particularly impacted by the disaster.

The tornado registered at EF-3 on the Fujita scale, according to the National Weather Service, meaning its winds ranged between 136-165 miles per hour.

The Wisconsin tornado struck in a week in which two storms have brewed in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Lorenzo and Tropical Storm Karen are the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season's 11th and 12th named storms. While it was reported yesterday that neither was expected to impact land areas in the Atlantic, The Washington Post said Lorenzo had turned into a Category 4 hurricane.

But the span of Tropical Storm Karen did fall from 105 miles to 45 miles.

The National Weather Service said in a forecast discussion published today that it was predicting a winter storm, bringing record cold temperatures with it.

Idaho and Montana are expected to be impacted by the winter storm, which is forecast to see temperatures drop by as much as 50 F.