Solar Eclipse Photos 2017: Stunning Images from Across the United States

Depending on when you are reading this, the Great American Eclipse is either currently taking place, just took place or took place a while ago and you're feeling wistful about the first time an eclipse crossed the United States in 99 years. The entire continuous United States experienced at least a partial eclipse Monday afternoon, and those within a 70-mile-wide band crossing from Oregon to South Carolina had the pleasure of watching the moon black out the sun entirely. It's a pretty dang significant event, and you're goddamn right a bunch of awesome pictures were taken. 

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Eclipse The first signs of the eclipse in Depoe Bay, Oregon. Mike Blake/Reuters

Eclipse Residents of Depoe Bay, Oregon, experience totality. Mike Blake/Retuers

Eclipse Totality in Depoe Bay, Oregon. Mike Blake/Reuters

Eclipse Nearing totality in Ross Lake, Washington. NASA via Reuters

Eclipse Nashville spectators get ready. Harrison McClary/Reuters

Eclipse We're not sure these eclipse glasses are ISO-approved, but we'll let it slide for Madison, who is watching from Nashville. Harrison McClary/Reuters

Eclipse An industrious onlooker in Nashville takes a camera-phone picture through his eclipse glasses. Harrison McClary/Reuters

Eclipse The total solar eclipse as seen in Madras, Oregon on August 21. NASA via Reuters

Eclipse Members of the media take in the eclipse in Washington, D.C. Yuri Gripas/Reuters

Eclipse A crowd takes in the eclipse in a Carbondale, Illinois, football stadium. Brian Snyder/Reuters

Eclipse Totality near Mitchell, Oregon. Adrees Latif/Reuters

Eclipse A silhouette of the International Space Station. NASA via Reuters

Eclipse President Trump approves. Kevin Lamarque/Reuters