Touch Her... If You Dare

Maybe Queen Elizabeth wants to be touched. The AP debunks the pseudo scandal about Michelle Obama getting too friendly with the queen by citing an unnamed Buckingham Palace spokesman who says there's actually no rule that people shouldn't touch the queen. In fact, it appears Queen Elizabeth not only didn't have a problem with it—She started it. Here's the notable excerpt:

Mrs. Obama clearly made an impression with the 82-year-old monarch — so much that the smiling queen strayed from protocol and put her arm around the first lady in a rare public show of affection. It was the first time Mrs. Obama — who is nearly a foot taller — had met the queen. The first lady also embraced her.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman who asked not to be identified because of palace policy said he could not remember the last time that the queen had displayed such public affection with a first lady or dignitary. "It was a mutual and spontaneous display of affection," he said. "We don't issue instructions on not touching the queen."

Unless you're totally creepy, of course.