Touching Videos of DMX's Humanity Go Viral as Rapper Remains on Life Support

Fans shared viral videos of moments from the life of DMX as the rapper remained in critical condition on Wednesday.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, has been hospitalized at White Plains Hospital in New York since suffering a heart attack last Friday. An outpouring of support from fans has taken place since then, with hundreds attending a candlelight vigil at the hospital on Monday night and countless others posting a steady stream of memories and videos to social media throughout the week.

A video shared to Twitter on Tuesday showing DMX and his young daughter on a "Sling Shot" ride during a trip to Orlando, Florida in 2018 had amassed over 43,000 views as of Wednesday evening. The rapper can be seen comforting his frightened daughter while they are strapped in next to each other during the thrill ride, which quickly shoots riders high into the air. DMX holds his daughter's hand in the video and says "daddy's here" and "it's ok, mama."

DMX Critical Condition Hospital Viral Videos Twitter
Rapper DMX is pictured attending a party in Atlanta, Georgia on February 19, 2021. Prince Williams/Getty

"The finest moment DMX ever gave to the world was him riding the slingshot in Orlando with his daughter," user @dvorak commented while sharing the video.

the finest moment DMX ever gave to the world was him riding the slingshot in Orlando with his daughter

— 📼video🏝quay📼 (@dvorak) April 6, 2021

Another video with thousands of views, shared by the same user and others, showed DMX speaking about trust during an undated interview.

"Always trust everyone to be themselves, but trust in the fact you can see them well," DMX says in the clip. "It takes too much energy to not trust someone... Trust them to be them. Trust a snake to bite you, trust a liar to lie to you, trust a thief to steal from you... Trust them to be them, but know them when you see them."

I always felt DMX’s spirit is so pure, and even though he got caught up in his traumas, his spirit is still in tact

— byGigi 🌎 Brand Strategist (@_JemappelleGigi) April 3, 2021

DMX is seen reciting the "a time for everything" Bible verse from Ecclesiastes 3 in an additional video that was popular on Wednesday, commenting that "There are no words more powerful" and urging fans to pray afterwards.

Please God, protect DMX man.

— K 🏀 (@808sAndFades) April 3, 2021

DMX was previously resuscitated after being found "lifeless" in a Yonkers, New York parking lot in 2016. Medical responders administered Narcan after being told by a witness that he had overdosed on drugs, while his family said that an asthma attack was responsible, according to WABC.

On Sunday, DMX's lawyer Murray Richman confirmed that the rapper was on life support after his heart attack but said he was not sure what caused the attack and would not confirm reports of a drug overdose, according to The Associated Press.

"He had a heart attack. He's quite ill," Richman said. "I'm very sad about it, extremely sad. He's like my son ... He's just a tremendous person, tremendous entertainer, tremendous human being. And so much to offer, so much to say. Not the run-of-the-mill rapper. A person of great depth."

Steve Rifkind, DMX's manager, told The New York Times that the rapper was in a coma and set to undergo brain function tests on Wednesday.

Newsweek reached out DMX's representative for comment.