Tourist Stabs Drunk German With Rake After He Smashes His Sandcastle on Beach

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Tourists crowd Palma de Mallorca's Arenal beach on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca in 2014. A Romanian man was arrested for attacking a drunk German tourist with a rake who had walked on top of his sandcastle. REUTERS/Enrique Calv

Police in Mallorca, Spain, have arrested a man accused of smashing a rake on the back of a drunk German teenager who walked on top of his sandcastle.

Police say the Romanian man, aged around 50, reacted violently to the intrusion on the intricate construction he had built to earn change from those passing. The castle was several feet high with a number of turrets and doors fashioned out of sand.

A group of young German tourists were walking along the Spanish beach back to their hotel at around 7am on Sunday morning after being out all night when they saw the sandcastle, Cronica Balear reported.

One of the tourists tried to climb it and was cheered on by his companions, before shouting when he reached the top.

However the man who built it was sleeping in a tent nearby and took exception to seeing his creation destroyed. He then grabbed a rake and smashed it into the tourist's back.

The tourists tried running away but the victim, who was aged 17, collapsed after 50 meters, with blood pouring from his back.

Police were called to the scene after initial reports of a stabbing. The man was taken to Son Llatzer hospital, where he received stitches.

Police in the popular holiday resort have warned locals of an expected rise in crime over the summer, especially during the Fifa World Cup.

The general secretary of the Balearic Islands Police Union, Jose Evaristor Burdalo, said criminals will up their activity in crowded areas.

"Palma beach faces a serious security problem this summer," he said, according to Diario de Mallorca.