'Toxic:' Internet Horrified as Mom Reveals Friend Wants To Copy Baby Name

The internet is suitably horrified after a mom claimed her friend wanted to copy her baby's name, after already having a similar ring design and watch.

The mom shared her dilemma to Mumsnet where she revealed that her friend had been copying her for years.

In a post shared on Thursday under username Bakeacake131, she wrote: "Long story short. I have a friend who, in other people's words, is besotted with me/borderline obsessed. They're lovely as a person but over the years I've seen my engagement ring copied, my watch copied, and now my DCs [dear child's] name..."

The mom explained her friend had asked her permission to use the moniker, as she continued: "Received a message asking if they would mind if they selected DCs name for their own DC even though when we announced DCs name they noted that they thought it was odd, sneered at it and said they weren't a fan.

"What would you do? I want to say I think it's too much and they should probably find another name that's their name, but I'm not sure how to phrase it."

In the comments she went into more detail about the ring, saying: "My husband had it designed. Round brilliant in the middle, two pears, and a unique floral design.

"When she got her engagement ring she actually said to me 'it's just like yours isn't it'—she had the RB in the centre and the two pears and a floral design. The floral design was different but it was effectively the same and she also chose the same metal.

"I should have provided more detail as I can see how I would seem unreasonable whinging about a fairly generic ring.

"The watch was a graduation present that was customizable… and the first comment I got when her husband bought hers was 'is it the same as yours.'"

The post amassed nearly 200 responses, as Readytopop2022x said: "Distance yourself. Remove them from your socials and your life. A bit too toxic for my liking!"

Sweetpeasaremadeofcheese thought: "I would tell them that I do mind them using the name and I would probably have to distance myself from them a bit because it feels too weird."

Autienotnaughty commented: "I would say, it's your choice what you name dc but I am uncomfortable with you choosing my dc name."

JennyWren reckoned: "Just tell her that you think her baby deserves a name that is special to him/her, not just a name copied from their mum's friend's child."

AmberGer said: "I had a friend like this when I was a teenager. It became overbearing. You definitely need to distance yourself. As pp have said, it will get more intense."

"Say no, you've already copied my watch and my engagement ring, don't copy my baby's name too, it's too much," User280905 thought.

But Bonfireheart pointed out: "If they've asked then at least they've given you a chance to say no.

DropYourSword added: "No one really owns a name though. It's bizarre she's wanting to use the same name to be fair, and as she's asked you you can tell her the truth and let her know you'd prefer her not to use it but you have to be aware she still might. I don't see anything wrong with getting a similar watch, ring etc though!"

After receiving advice over how to proceed, the mom updated the thread and confirmed she'd sent a long message to her friend.

"Responded today with a longer than average message to explain my position and got a message back with a smiley saying 'okay then' and that was it…

"I said what I felt was right and tbh I wouldn't feel bad now if the relationship did cool. It's just not healthy," she said.

While she didn't reveal where she is based, the mom is thought to be in the U.K.

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File photo of baby names.
File photo of baby names. A mom has revealed her friend wanted to copy her baby's name, to the horror of the internet. Liudmila Chernetska/Getty Images