'Toy Story' Fans Are Upset After Realizing New Name Scribbled on Woody's Boot

Most of us know Andy as Woody's owner and trusty companion, with his name iconically written on his boot, but now it seems we're discovering a change.

Fans of the original Toy Story movie have been disappointed to find out that Woody dolls are no longer sold with "Andy" scribbled on the boot, but "Bonnie" instead.

"You know you're old when the Toy Story toys at Disneyland say 'Bonnie' and not 'Andy'," wrote TikTok user @sabrinafajardo, using the app's text-to-speech generator. Fajardo picked up the foot of the Woody doll, showing "Bonnie" on the bottom.

Posted on July 18, the video has gained over 8 million views and comments have been flooded with fans upset by the change. The video can also be seen in full here.

"Who the hell is Bonnie," asked one fan. Older fans of the movies who didn't see the latest two in the franchise may not recall exactly who the new owner is, but Woody and the other toys were all donated to the young girl in Toy Story 3.

After Andy realized he no longer needed his toys when moving to college, and that they would be better in a home where they are actually played with, he donated them to Bonnie, a girl from Sunnyside Daycare.

Toy Story 4 released in 2019 and followed their new adventures in the care of Bonnie, but it's exactly this film that many TikTok viewers claim is why her name shouldn't be on his foot.

"Bonnie didn't even appreciate him like Andy did," wrote one user. In the film, Woody is no longer the leading toy and is rarely played with by Bonnie—a stark difference from his close bond with Andy as the favorite toy by a mile.

"IT SHOULD SAY ANDY. Bonnie didn't care about Woody," vouched another TikTok user.

It isn't the first time internet users have been left annoyed by the updated toy design of Woody. Two years ago, a Reddit user shared an image of the toy to a Subreddit aptly named, "Bonniehate," writing: "Why the hell does the new Woody Doll have Bonnie's name on it? She does not deserve a toy as good as him."

In June, Twitter user @jpk_3 shared similar sentiments to the TikTok, after discovering what his child calls the toys. "So, my son just referred to Buzz and Woody from Toy Story as 'Bonnie's toys'...I was definitely not ready for that. I'm now sad, and old," he wrote.

The viral TikTok video sparked a wave of fans uploading their own clips checking if the dolls have Andy or Bonnie's name on them. Videos shared show that even Buzz Lightyear is adorned with "Bonnie" on his foot.

Toy Story dolls lined up
Toys from the movie "Toy Story" are photographed November 15, 1995 in New York City. Fans of the original movie were disappointed to find that Woody dolls are no longer sold with "Andy" scribbled on the boot. Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images