Tractor Trailer With No Driver Crashes Into Side of Massachusetts Home

An investigation has been launched after a tractor trailer crashed into the side of a home in Massachusetts on Saturday.

Neighbors have described their shock after hearing a loud bang and seeing that the large vehicle had smashed into the house in Braintree at around 6:10 p.m. on July 24.

Glenn Fillmore said he heard a "heck of a noise" when his family were about to eat their dinner.

"We come running out and saw the truck slammed into the side of the house," he told WCVB.

Fillmore said he and another neighbor ran up to see if the driver needed to help, but only found two dogs inside.

"We opened up the cab and there were two Chocolate Labs looking at us. We just shut the door and we jumped down," Fillmore said.

The man operating the tractor trailer was said to be in another vehicle parked nearby and chased after it when he saw going it going down the hill.

"You can only surmise that the two dogs were in the front, maybe something got released, and they went for a ride. That's probably the best thing you can come up with," Fillmore said.

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No one was inside the home at the time of the crash. Police are reported to have spoken with the owners to inform them of the crash via a home security camera system.

"They must have their Ring doorbell going. They went on there and they talked, and [police] said: 'You better get home because someone just wiped out the side of your house,'" Fillmore said.

Speaking to WHDH, Fillmore's son, Zach Fillmore, said the people who lived at the destroyed property had just renovated it.

"They just renovated the house a year ago. It's just like all that work is ruined in 30 seconds," he said.

"This is something you see in the movies. You never think this would happen on your street."

Bob Joyce, who also lives nearby, said he called police before the crash at around 4:53 p.m. to report that the tractor trailer was parked outside his home and leaking fluid.

"You can see the fluid still on the street. It's all over the street," Joyce told Boston News 25.

Tire marks could reportedly be seen in nearby grass where the truck had gone downhill before crashing into the home.

Braintree Police has been contacted for comment.

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(File photo) Truck stop, Tremonton, Utah, USA. A tractor trailer with two dogs in the cab smashed into the side of a home in Braintree, Massachusetts, on Saturday. Getty Images/plus49/Construction Photography/Avalon