Tradesman Details Mortifying Mistake He Made on the Job in Viral TikTok

Quite literally overnight, an Australian apprentice tradesman Dreigan Fisher has become a social media star, according to A Current Affair.

Earlier this week, the 22-year-old took to TikTok to recount the circumstances surrounding a mortifying mistake he'd made on the job the day before. Fisher's candor clearly struck a chord with others on the platform. So far, his confession has more than 221,000 views.


When you go to prep a pour and end up going to the wrong house... 😒😭 #mondays #embarrising #landscaping #fyp #willbebacktoreplaceyourpavers

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In excruciating detail, Fisher recounted how he'd been dispatched to a home in the Melbourne suburb of Cranbourne West to remove some paving stones from the owner's front yard. But once his boss, Tyler Brooks, who was running late, showed up, Fisher realized he was at the wrong address. By that time, however, the damage was done: The lawn was already pocked with bare patches of earth.

"I've just gone to a complete stranger's house, got them to open up the shed, pulled out their pavers, waited for my boss, just to find out it's the wrong house. F***," said Fisher, who hashtagged the clip "embarrising" [sic].

It was a succinct summary of the situation, but, as many commenters pointed out, Fisher wasn't really to blame. The source of the confusion? There are two houses within several hundred feet of each other with the number 37. While technically located on different roads, Killearn Avenue and Faolan Way, they are at or near the intersection, according to

Furthermore, the residents of the home whose lawn was partially mutilated had been expecting a tradesman to come by to inspect a shed that morning, so they were not surprised when one showed up at their door.

In a subsequent clip posted on Fisher's account but filmed by his boss, Brooks weighed in on the situation. Thankfully, he seemed to find it more funny than infuriating.

"Dreigan is a loyal worker who doesn't answer back, just does what he's told. As you saw, he did what I asked. It was just unfortunate that there was another 37 three houses away," he told "Can't blame him, he did everything right."

Brooks even went so far as to blame the neighborhood's layout for Fisher's error. "It's a really stupid setup because it's all part of the one block of units, but the end unit belongs to a different street but has the same number, 37," he said.

Stupid setup or not, Brooks acknowledged in the clip that his company, Tyler's Landscapes, still owed the residents an apology and repair work. Thankfully, they were understanding, even reassuring Fisher that delivery people confused the addresses all the time.

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Australian apprentice tradesman Dreigan Fisher recently went viral on TikTok with his confessional story about an on-the-job mishap. MARTIN BUREAU/Getty Images